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Currently I have nothing in this main section, but that should change soon. In the meantime please visit my other projects listed under Associated Sites.

Current project status:

  • TribalFury: Semi-Complete - On hold
  • Corum Online Information Fansite (COIF): Inactive
  • Staffordshire Christian Union - Stafford Campus: Active
  • NeoSteamer: Under Construction - On hold
  • Atlantican: Under Construction - Active

The SaiViaS Fansite Network

This is an idea I am currently thinking about, as I have to-date created 3 fansites for MMORPGs. I now don't play 2 of these games, and therefore the sites have stopped being updated, and are really just sitting there.

So what I am potentially looking for is people to take over the updating and maintaining of the Corum Online Information Fansite and NeoSteamer. All the web design and hosting side will still be taken care of by me, and the people who take over the running would be responsible for updating the content of the sites.

If you are interested in potentially taking over one of these sites, or would like to inquire about it, then please feel free to e-mail me.

Contact: admin [at] saivias [dot] com